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Realm Of Sadness
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*Walking thru a enchanted forest, only it looking real gloomy, your eyes begin to grow big as you see all kinds of creepy things, and hear a lot of creepy things. You become real tired, but keep walking, you stop half way to rest, leaning against a tree, you hear crickets chirping and crows cawing and flying around. You push yourself off the tree, and begin to walk further down the forest, you look left and right at all the mysteries things in the forest. You also start to look behind you, just incase if anyone is following you. The wind begins to blow softly, your hair flowing thru the wind, you cover your eyes since the wind is starting to get rough, and stop walking, going over to the side of a tree, and sitting down on a rock until the wind stops blowing hard. You sit there with your head in your hands, sighing, as you take a piece of gum out of your pocket, unwrap it, and put it in your mouth and begin to chew. You lean your head back, looking up at the pitch black sky, as crackling leaves are heard from behind you, as you sit up and look behind you, "Hello?" you say to the darkness, as a girl, about 14, comes out from the trees, "What're you doing wondering around in this forest?" she asks, then continues, "It's forbidden! You shouldn't here!" You look at the girl surprised, "I got lost..It wasn't my fault." you say, as she shakes her head, "Always, people get lost, oh well." you look at the girl, "Who're you anyways?" you ask, as she walks closer to you, "I'm Mirror, the princess of the Realm Of Sadness, mostly, this is the Forbidden Forest, no man is aloud to walk through it, unless I give them promission." she replies, as you nod your head, you get up and stretch, "Well, I'd like to stay at the realm, if you'd lead me the way." you say. Mirror nods slowly, "It's just beyond this trail." She turns around, and points. "Come with me." she continues, as she walks off into the dark forest. You look around the woods, then call out, "Wait for me!" and run off to get Mirror. Mirror keeps walking, "Just beyond these tree limbs.." Mirror ducks her head, and pulls the limbs back, as a beautiful castle appears infront of you, with water all around it, and other areas as well, You look shocked at the beautiful sight, and Mirror begins to walk off, "Oh yes, Welcome to the Realm Of Sadness, feel free to stay as long as you want." she says, and keeps walking, as you look at the other people at the Realm, and slowly go to explore the realm.*