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Realm Of Sadness
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Full Name: Miko Katsumi Neikia(sister of Kitty and Mirror)
Elvish Name: ni Faelivrin
Name Meaning: Guardian of Shadows
Nickname: Miko-chan(That's what everyone calls her)
Astrological Sign: Aeris
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 75 Ibs.(she has an eating disorder, along with both of her sisters.)
Race: Magi/Elf
Power: Rainbow(Meaning all)

Likes: Writing, cosplaying, and dancing.
Dislikes: Eternal Darkness.
Weapons: All the weapons in the pictures, plus a bow and arrow.
Quote: "Life can be full of darkness, but in time, we all heal."

Miko's Elven Form