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Realm Of Sadness
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Well, since most of the people who look at the website ask me which are taken and which are not. I decided to make this page to show you the profiles on this website and put in which is taken and not. So, here we go.
Mirror - Taken
Rikku - Taken
Lottie - Open
Avery - Taken
Miko - Taken
Kitty - Taken
Angie - Taken
Ginny - Taken
Hermione - Taken
Motoko - Taken
Naomi - Open
Ayami - Taken
Ako - Open
Nanako - Open
Haley and Lori - Both are taken.
~*UPDATE*~ All characters that were taken, are now up for grabs. I forgot who was who, except for the really important characters. Grab them while you can!!