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Realm Of Sadness
Avery Gillian and Nikki's Profile


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Avery - Black haired Gillian - White/Grey haired Nikki - Brown haired

Name: Avery, Gillian, Nikki
Name Meanings: Avery: Dreams  Gillian: Reality  Nikki: Red
Nicknames: None
Age: All are 12
Height: Avery: 5'3"  Gillian: 5'5"  Nikki: 5'
Weight: Each weigh 100 Ibs.
Eye color: Avery & Gillian: Red  Nikki: Blue
Hair color: Avery: Black  Gillian: White  Nikki: Brown
Race: Human
Parents: N/A
Birthdate: Avery: October 15th  Gillian: November 5th  Nikki: December 10th
Likes: Each like to sing, laugh, and be around eachother
Dislikes: Bugs, Guys who are jerks
Build: All are slender
Weapons: N/A
Quote: Avery: "We all live in our own fantasy world! But look at me, I have mental problems.."  Gillian: "People just don't get the way that other people feel, it's just emotions, right?"  Nikki: "I had a dream last night..and I saw the light fading and people dying, it might just come true."