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Realm Of Sadness
Elves of Doriath


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Elves of the House of Finrod
Elves of Doriath
Elves of Dol Amroth

Doriath was one of the greatest of the Elf-kingdoms. It was sacked by Dwarves after the death of Thingol. After which Dior Eluchil, his grandson became king. Dior was slain by the sons of Feanor and so ended the realm of Doriath. Within Doriath was Mengroth, the underground palace.
Note: All I have right now is the names, no profiles...

Elves of Doriath:
Aranel Ancalimë
Nessa Melwasúl
Larien Sáralondë
Nienna Eledhwen